Bed And Breakfast Araluen NSW

The Seasons in my Garden is about the gardens at Monkeyduck Pantry Bed and Breakfast in Araluen, NSW and our love of the garden and all it can produce that is good and beautiful.


The Season of low lying mists and falling leaves.

It’s already been a very busy time in the first few weeks of the Autumn garden. Autumn being my favourite season by far. The weeds have been crazy so I collected some cardboard from the local Pub and lay it under my mulch for added mulching and I hope it will help keep down the weeds in the gardens that I’m not ready to plant out yet!

The Basil is starting to flower and needs picking soon. Pesto served with a hint of Jalapenos chilies is always a favourite. Luke has dug up the last of our potatoes ready for a creamy dish of potato and cucumber salad.

The fruit bowl is full of quince and pears that will be baked and served at our Easter lunch.

I’ve ordered my spring flowering bulbs, mainly Yellow trumpet Daffodils and I am excited about the potential happy spring display. The pretty colours of the Marguerite Daisy and Blue Salvias have given the garden its last burst of summer colour.

This year, I am keen to try some more onions as last year they were easy to grow and we had a successful crop. In the smaller Kitchen Garden we will plant Cos lettuce, coriander and our favourite spring onions. Rosemary, thyme and mint fill my senses as I work to ready the patch for the new Autumn produce. It’s nearly garlic planting time again.

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