Set amongst a charming 2 acre (or how many it is Sue) property, Monkey Duck is a fully-functioning kitchen as well as a bed & breakfast. A fruit and vegetable garden gives guests a wonderful taste of the seasonal signature dishes enjoyed by many locals and the ability to participate as much or as little as they like.

Activities may include harvesting some fruit and vegetables and then preparing a meal, guided by local hosts Sue and Luke. Or you may wish to simply recline in the eclectic mix of antique chairs and sofas and take in your surroundings. Whatever the persuasion one can be assured that the experience is genuinely welcoming and authentic; a window into true country life.

Guests feel like they are a part of Monkey Duck as they have seen the fruit picked from the trees, they have seen the ladybugs fly off the tomatoes! There is a wonderful circle of life at play and it’s a wonderful joy to see the world through the eyes of Araluen.

The accommodation is ideal for those craving the country air with cleverly converted shipping containers transformed into little rustic gems that funnily enough, look like they’ve always been there.

Lots of natural light, eccentric and recycled fittings and fixtures, beautiful linens and a breath-taking view each morning of your own private cottage style garden.  There are no purely pretentious persuasions yet even the most functional of pieces are themselves a work of art. Even the communal shower facilities stands proud in corrugated iron with an embellished mirror a charming juxtaposition to the rural dunny.  

The gardens themselves are filled with plants that many people may remember growing in their Grandma’s garden. Heirloom varieties of flowers, quirky figurines sometimes old farm machinery decorations, nothing is wasted and everything is included in the landscape of Monkey Duck.

Monkey Ducks hospitality gives visitors a truly memorable life experience. Something that we tend to move away from in our fast paced lives. It’s rich in both heart and mind, a window into how life can be without urban distractions. Thank you Monkey Duck for the much needed reminder.

Ingrid Mae |  http://www.ingridmae.com